Pakistan National Men’s Basketball: Four Teams Reached Semi Finals


At Wednesday’s National Men’s Basketball Championship semi-finals at Government College University, the Pakistan Army, Wapda, Pakistan Air Force, and Lahore Division all advanced. Army is scheduled to play Lahore in the semi-finals, while Pakistan Air Force will compete against Wapda on Thursday.

It was a thrilling encounter when Lahore and Wapda came into conflict with one another. In the end, Wapda was able to stay calm and take a victory by a score of 77-62. Nevertheless, Lahore made it to the last four despite the fact that they lost this match.

Pakistan National Men's Basketball

Before the break, Wapda had a 36-25 lead. Mohammad Usman, Zain-ul-Hassan, and Amir Farooq were determined to be the most significant contributors from Wapda. The three players that scored the most points for Lahore were Saboor Mehdi, Safi Khan, and Ahmed Abbas respectively.

POF was defeated by Army by a score of 93-48, allowing Army to advance to the final four stage of the competition. Army had a commanding advantage of 54-30 at the halftime break, which they continued to retain until the very end of the game.

Tughlab and Imad scored the majority of the points for Army. Mohammad Usman also scored many points. Izharullah, Tayyab, and Mohammad Farooq were the most important scorers for POF. While everything was going on, the Pakistan Army basketball team defeated Faisalabad by a score of 111-62. At the conclusion of the break, the champions had a commanding advantage of 51-19.

Pakistan Basketball

Mehtab, Mohammad Akhtar, and Mohammad Zuhair were the prominent players for the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). Among the players that made significant contributions for Faisalabad were Gul Baaz, Usman Talib, and Faheem Sattar.

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Islamabad put up a valiant effort against Navy in a match that did not have any bearing on the elimination from the semi-finals. The score was 62-54 in favor of Islamabad. At the break, the score was 32-29 in favor of the victorious team, indicating that the battle for dominance was fought with great intensity from the beginning to the end.

Ali Kazimi, Farhan Qayyum, and Haris Siddiqui were exceptional performers for Islamabad. Zaiur Rehman, Babar Manan and Muhammad Adnan were the Naval personnel who scored the majority of the points for Navy.

Pakistan Army will face off against Lahore in the first semifinal of the National Men’s Basketball Championship 2023. PAF will face off against Wapda in the second semifinal, today at Govt College University Lahore.

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